A 30-stories remodeling in an emblematic building of Madrid

Did you know that the hotel Riu Plaza España is actually one of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid and with the most history? If you want to know every detail about our latest national remodeling projects, check out our post!

The hotel’s aesthetics is urban style with rooms slightly smaller than your average holiday hotel. This is because the hotel is intended for short stays, most of them business-related. The room aesthetics have also been taken really good care of, with great involvement in decoration and environment.

Our work has been carried out in the rooms and common areas. The inside of the hotel has been completely renovated by painting and installing fiberglass wallpaper. Fiberglass wallpaper nowadays already comes with glue, so all you have to do is moisten it and install it directly. Traditionally, you would have to glue it yourself with a brush. We installed it throughout the corridors of the hotel and added a layer of decorative paint.

Vertical challenges

Because the hotel is 30 stories tall, working on vertical construction is an added difficulty as far as space is concerned. It presents a logistical complexity for several reasons. The first one would be getting all the required materials to where the hotel is, especially because of traffic. Another one would be the fact that the hotel has over 600 rooms, which implies a very high amount of materials.

We have used elevators that were installed on the rear facade of the building, which involved an organizational effort with all the different companies that are part of the project.

The entire project has been done with the help of Airless equipment, which saves time and costs. This technique has been implemented several years ago.

The biggest difficulties of this project have been logistics and deadlines. On the one hand, impeccable organization was key in order to move the large amount of required materials. On the other hand, the fact that we had difficult access to work areas with material handling equipment meant that, on many occasions, we had to transport materials by hand 30 floors up through the staircase, since the elevator was quite small.

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