A Complete Renovation in Record Time

Jamaica, one of the most famous islands of the Caribbean Sea, is a land of contrasts and home to many hotel chains. It’s also where Banema developed one of their latest projects. As we had previously mentioned a few weeks ago, the Hotel Riu Ocho Ríos has gone through a complete renovation that finished on September 21st and finally opened for its guests.

The project was finished in record time, almost one month ahead of schedule. Thanks to the team’s capacity, the quality of work logistics and the organization when it came to moving all the materials, the result has exceeded all expectations.

The Project

This project implied the complete transformation of a hotel with about 900 rooms, where the space has been completely remodeled:

  • Rooms. More than 30 new rooms have been added, renewing their style, from how they’re painted (with the Airless technique), how they’re decorated and the coating.
  • Noble areas. These are the areas where change has been more noticeable, with new and updated decorations, using all kinds of materials such as drywall structures.
  • Restaurants. The number of available restaurants has increased. The hotel has an Asian restaurant, a Kulinarium that offers haute cuisine, a Jerk Chicken with barbecue, a large main restaurant with a very large buffet and several bars distributed throughout the complex.
  • A convention center has also been built for events.

The materials have been completely updated keeping in mind results over the next 10 years, so the number of visitors can increase but they will all still be able to enjoy the new facilities.


Thanks to the organization of all the industrialists, the shipment of materials was very smooth. When it comes to large-scale projects, the logistical challenges are a key factor. This has allowed the team not only to meet their deadline, but to finish ahead of schedule.

The initial estimate for material shipment was about a month. However, since all the interventions were scheduled for at least one month, in addition to 10 days of transportation and placement, the great coordination made it possible to finish this phase in record time.

Being able to acquire some of the material from local suppliers meant that transit time could be optimized. On the other hand, the project counted on a small team of about 80 people who have carried out the project in record time. Thanks to their preparation and dedication, the result has been a great success.

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