Banema moves to its new offices

A few months ago, Banema moved to new offices in response to growth and new business needs. Today we’re going to tell you about everything the process entailed as well as advantages it supposed for the team.

If we drive through the Son Castelló industrial park, the most well-known in Palma de Mallorca, we will find something new that can be seen from any corner of the park: the Banema logo over the new facilities that culminate the company’s expansion process.

This is the first large-format exterior sign in the area, with two Bs that are 2 meters high and with light. This declaration of intent is aimed at positioning the company as a reference point for the sector and the city.

A new concept of facilities

If changes go hand in hand with hope, they are always positive. In the case of the transfer to these new facilities, it has meant a professionalization of the company’s image, with 200 m2, very bright and with a very different atmosphere in comparison to the 85 m2 offices back in the city center that had been the headquarters of the company until now.

Because it couldn’t be any other way, the Banema team has given their distinctive touch to the facilities, with a glazed space, lots of light, mostly the color white and translucent environments that give it a look of cleanliness and clarity.

The space

This change has not only meant great advantages in terms of space, comfort, new acquired tools and proximity to key agents such as associated companies, suppliers and customers. On a personal and business management level it represents a very important change and a definitive settlement of our headquarters.

Thanks to the integrated spaces with independent islands for the administration and logistics, and architecture and engineering departments, teamwork is encouraged while still being close to the management team, who are integrated into the group in a glazed office on the same plant.

This way, hierarchies are avoided and work is carried out with greater harmony both in the work space and in the areas where clients are received, such as the waiting room or the meeting room, with coffee, fresh water and systems to perform project presentations.

The team

In addition to management, the Banema team is composed of the following members:

Construction: 2 people

Accounting: 2 people

Logistics: 4 people

Human and labor resources: 3 people

If you’d like to visit us at our new facilities, we would be more than happy to welcome you into this new space. However, having all the team members together in the office is quite a difficult task, since they can be managing an international project in the Caribbean, in Madrid or somewhere in the city of Palma. We’ll be waiting! Don’t forget to also check out our social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) as well as our blog updates.