Banema’s International Expansion

According to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia and HSBC Navigator España, 34% of Spanish companies have expanded their activity to other markets in the past two years. This suggests that growth abroad is currently one of the most important priorities for both consumer and service companies.

In today’s post we’ll be going over Banema’s international expansion and the projects that have helped us grow. It’s been three decades since we started dedicating our construction, paint and coating services to individuals, SMEs and large chains.

“34% of Spanish companies have expanded their activity

to other markets in the past two years”

Growing is an exciting project. Working in other countries, where you must understand and adapt to their own peculiarities and the demands of each client, have made our experience much richer and pushed us to develop new techniques and processes.

Projects That Have Helped Us Grow

Since Banema was created, progressive growth entailed that the majority of the business volume went from national to international, with a current 80% turnover internationally. These are some of the projects that have been a turning point for us:

  • Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay, November 2018. For this project, an integral reform was done in record time: 90 days. Among other things, the whole façade was removed to proceed with a plaster coating and subsequent painting.

See project:


  • Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica. This project was a turning point because of how we had to adapt to the country, the idiosyncrasy, the location and the territory.
  • Hotel Riu Republica. Last but not least, this sublime hotel was a really enriching experience in technical and in human terms. It was land close to sea and with particular humidity and temperature characteristics.

What are the advantages of a business?

In the past few years, many businesses have decided to expand their business abroad, which implies some difficulties at the start but has great advantages. Here are some of the most important ones:

Greater competitive advantage

In the construction, paint and coating market where the clients can be individuals SMEs or large chains, the available offer is quite varied: from freelancers to big companies that decide to go abroad.

In this last case, competitive advantage is much greater because large hotel, restaurant and other chains have subsidiaries or facilities in different parts of the world. Therefore, having technical, human and material resources in order to offer an integral solution for these types of companies is a clear advantage over the competition.

Greater perspective

After an experience in which all the human, technical and material resources are put to the test, the conclusions and continuous learning of having to adapt to new demands definitely benefit the company and give it a wider perspective. This way, it’s possible to apply new solutions and continue innovating in terms of techniques in future projects.

Keys to start a growth project

According to the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, there are 7 keys to begin our company’s international growth. In this case, we’ll mention the ones that we consider the most important:

  1. Choosing the market: it’s important to consider not only the countries in which Spanish chains have their own facilities, but betting on differentiation and aiming towards the public of the most profitable markets that have a greater need of our services. One country may have a great demand for hotel rooms while another might have an even greater need for outsourced painting or coating work.
  2. Products and services: although our services are the same and we move the material and personnel to any international destination, it’s necessary to study the land we’ll be working on to adapt techniques and the materials that will be used to the local construction conditions, climatology, etc.
  3. Operating model: the same applies to the operating model, which needs to adapt depending on the client’s demands and the requirements of the specific project.
  4. People: at Banema, we believe in professionals that not only know how to do their job well, but who also learn from each experience in order to adapt to each new challenge. We grow as a team, both individually and collectively, to bring out the best of us every single time.


We hoped you’ve enjoyed this post as much we did on this full-speed trip! What does the future have in store for us? Here at Banema, we’re more than excited to share with you all everything that 2019 will bring to our team.

Banema, your paintbrush allies all over the world.