Innovation, efficiency, and the BANEMA guarantee: we build your success.

We want to be your global construction partners to offer you
the quality, efficiency and innovation that have characterized us
for more than 30 years.

Our vision is to be a trusted leading construction company, an
expert in carrying out large-scale projects with reduced
deadlines, resources optimization and high levels of demand
and finishes.

The Banema team

Our team is made up of professionals specialized in all construction types, from a store refurbishment to the integral renovation of a hotel complex.

Logistics Management

When managing a construction project, it’s necessary to have a perfectly coordinated logistics system, which plans all the material deliveries, each of the work phases and the execution in a period that doesn’t entail any inconvenience for the client.

Philosophy and quality assurance

At Banema we believe that any type of added stress can be avoided if each of the phases is correctly planned: definition of the client’s requirements, dedicated team selection and transfer to the workplace, purchase of materials and planning of their transport and project execution.

Our priority

Our highest priority is that you can open to the public as soon as possible, so your expectations and needs are met in record time, always with the best quality, both technically and in materials and finishes.

Some of our projects

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