Creative trends in hotel interior design

Renovating a hotel is like making a recipe: high quality ingredients are a requirement but knowing how to do it right and the current trends are also key factors for success. From the construction, coating and painting of every room to furniture and decorations: every detail matters. At Banema we opt for the most creative techniques and novel materials so that your project can have the best results possible.

“From the construction, coating and painting of every room to furniture and decorations: every detail matters.”


Technologic Innovations

The Spanish Federation of Associations of Equipment Manufacturers for the Hospitality and Related Industries (FELAC) considers that most hotel interior design trends for 2018 are based on technologic innovation. It is, after all, the hotel industry which reflects social evolution by trying to provide its clients with the most comfort and most attractive spaces to make their rest unforgettable.

In the past few years there have been many initiatives for the general public, such as the one presented by the ONCE (National Organization of Spanish blind people): accessible spaces that break with the established pattern. The elements of design, decoration and architectural configuration of space are on a new level: accessibility does not have to be incompatible with design, so there are new design proposals with accessible applications. In the words of Mª Carmen Fernández, technical architect at the Universal Accessibility Area of ONCE, “We choose products that aren’t necessarily accessible, making their use adequate for people with disabilities while it adds extra comfort for the rest.” This way, they’ve made rugs that warn you when someone falls over, integrated voice recognition systems or adaptable bathrooms and Braille panels.


Well-being and Relaxation

Well-being and body worship have impacted the hotel sector, which has led to the creation of spaces with Jacuzzis, gyms, saunas and other amenities that adapt to current lifestyles and are an added value for the guest. This is also the case of hotels with spa, which offer treatments, thermal water baths or Oriental massages so the visitor can have a complete experience. The main priority at these hotels is relaxation and escape, that’s why treatment of every space is important. The paint applied in areas with water must be specific for the type of room and must last long, while in interior spaces we choose pastel-colored coatings and simple lines.


Custom Spaces and Experiences

Other trends in 2018 are custom furniture, geometric patterns or even textile sets that will wrap the guest in a unique experience. Today, accommodation is much more than just rest and gastronomy. Today’s tourists look for new experiences, want to be surprised and to escape from their everyday life.


Workspace Interior Design

The hotel experience has also invaded the work environment, broadening their boundaries to offer work and meeting spaces where one can find new inspiration thanks to high-end decor, paint and coatings that make the different spaces flow. Interior and exterior areas intertwine to configure spaces that guide us while, at the same time, define each room, making hotels cozier than ever. The paint and coatings are two other important protagonists in space configuration, with classic or bold motifs, depending on the work space.


Event Trends

Last but not least, hotels are becoming an increasingly important part of life events, such as weddings, Christmas celebrations, big events, etc. You just need to let yourself be surprised. Interior design trends in hotels this year are full of energy. Bon voyage!