Reconstruction and style renovation: Riu Playa Park Hotel

In this month’s post we’re going to be talking about the entire process of one of our most recent reconstruction and style renovation projects. We’ll also be adding curiosities and technical details of this local project done in Palma de Mallorca.

Riu Playa Park is an emblematic hotel in Las Maravillas. It has adapted very well to the passing of time and has been through different stages of evolution to finally transform into a larger and more modern complex in the hands of Banema and the most modern techniques in record time.


Las Maravillas is located in the district of Playa de Palma, an area of over 4.5 km with beaches, white sand and turquoise water. It’s just 5 minutes by car from Palma’s airport and 15 minutes from the city center.

It’s a quiet area in winter, but it radically changes in summer. It becomes an area of great interest for German tourists with its beach bars, spas and large venues. At night it becomes a party area where tourists feel at home and just celebrate until sunset.

“Las Maravillas is located in the district

of Playa de Palma, an area of over 4.5 km

with beaches, white sand and turquoise water”

The project

In this project we have opted for a complete reconstruction of the building plus style and chromatic range renovation. Thanks to the Banema team, this renovation has used the most advanced techniques and the best quality brand materials for the different spaces of the new hotel.

There were two main phases: reconstruction of the hotel from scratch on the same plot and painting the rooms and common areas, such as the reception or the restaurant, which will soon be opening their doors.


The hotel was rebuilt from scratch. The same plot was used, but the old hotel was demolished in order to rebuild it again. Therefore, all common areas and rooms have been designed based on a whole new concept of the hotel.

Not only are there more rooms, but the distribution is completely different from the old one. These design choices make this hotel different from all the other hotels in the area that were built around the same time.


From its planning to the construction of the new facilities, a totally different style was conceived as opposed to the classic one, which was full of white and warm tones, like beige or gray, on the headboards or ceilings.

Instead, we’ve opted for irregular straight lines, or angular figures. This way, we break away from the classic line aesthetic that has been used until this day.

Because we were changing the aesthetics and conceptual idea, we chose green colors and peach tones, a novel aspect since it entails a more laborious application. Also, thanks to this change in colors, the place looks much brighter and highlights the paths between rest areas and common areas.


Application is done entirely with paint spray machines that project the paint through pressure compression. The type of paint used is not the conventional one either. It’s a specific one for this type of machinery and that also provides a quality finishing touch, has better performance and more durability.

The technology used is called Airless, which works at high pressure. It saves time and materials to optimize results, and the final result is very uniform.

In terms of logistics, we have used a highly qualified workforce with added training, prepared for the use of this machinery and who have worked together in a small but coordinated team to meet the agreed deadlines.


Deadlines have been pretty tight. We only had between 4 and 5 months, which is much less that what a new hotel requires. With meticulous planning and coordination of each stage, materials and logistical aspects, the result has been a new hotel with modern facilities, a distribution aimed at the complete comfort of the guests and impeccable decoration.

Thanks to the dedicated team we had, the project has been completed successfully for the next inauguration. The hotel can finally reopen its doors, showing the added value of these finishes that give a special touch to it and that makes it stand out in front of other hotels in the area.

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