Staff and environmental logistics in an earthly paradise

Jamaica, the land of wood and water, is an earthly paradise that welcomes millions of visitors every year. It also has a large amount of local hotel chains and from other parts of the world. It’s also where one of our latest international projects is being developed.

Hotel Riu Ocho Ríos is located in the town Ocho Ríos. It has 900 rooms, common areas, a buffet, a main restaurant, a pool bar and several themed restaurants.

The project’s duration is 5 months. Taking into account the hotel’s dimensions, in addition to the fact that this is a complete remodeling of the building where the aesthetics of each room changes completely, the change of appearance is radical and deadlines are very tight.

As far as painting is concerned, the indoor walls have been smoothed out to eliminate the previous texture they had. Airless equipment has been used throughout the entire hotel except for the facades.

Logistics on the basis of an environmental normative

For this project we have had to import all of the paint we used. In Jamaica there’s a very strict environmental policy, so any person or entity that needs to import any powder or liquid material must respect the environmental regulations. Before importing it, one must be able to prove that the material will not pollute or harm the environment in any way.

Even the pallets where the materials are transported on must be treated against any type of insect. They must be varnished or painted so no insect or animal can get inside.

Another noteworthy aspect of this project is that we have not only focused on paint work, but we have also installed drywalls in the rooms and common areas. Nowadays, drywalls are being used for dropped ceilings and walls. We have also had the help of qualified professionals, both local ones and our own from Banema. They were organized in two teams: one for paint and another one for plasterboard. They’re the ones that make this whole renovation project possible.

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