Welcome to the new Banema!

After over 30 years of experience in the industry with lots of painting, coating and construction work done, BANEMA has decided to upgrade in order to be even closer to you. We’ve gone through a complete rebranding process, and now we’re back stronger than ever to keep on working with the latest trends and offering a more competitive business model.

Your projects with Banema

  • We opt for internationalization. The same professionals that are renovating your hotel can also take care of your projects anywhere in the world. We move all the necessary materials and infrastructure to wherever you need.
  • Results speak for themselves. We’re fast and flexible, and we adapt to your project while guaranteeing maximum quality and competitive prices. We’re also very detail-oriented, so we always make sure the final result is absolutely perfect.
  • Feel like you’re in good hands. When working with Banema, you know you’ll be relying on professionals and specialists that handle extremely important projects on a daily basis.
  • Absolute tranquility. You’ll have a closed budget from the very start. You can carry on with your daily tasks and, before you know it, your hotel will be completely renovated. We’ll take care of everything!
  • You’ll feel a part of it. We listen closely to all your needs and offer solutions to meet all your expectations. We also want you to be able to see our great results throughout the years thanks to our top-quality materials and well-known solvent brands that have proven to work really well.


4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Banema

We could make a huge list of great qualities of our employees, brands and techniques, but the most important part is that all our services adapt to any of your needs.

  • Banema will go with you to wherever you want to grow. One of the top reasons to choose Banema is because no location is ever an issue for us. Tell us where to go and we’ll be there. We’ll move to wherever you need and will take care of everything, so your only worry will be opening the doors to your renovated business.
  • We agree on a deadline for all projects that is met without exceptions. We’re aware of the importance of sticking to deadlines, so we adapt our logistics and work equipment to make it happen.
  • It’s always important to count on professionals that can reach your project’s expectations. Quality is not an option, and the final result is our top priority.
  • Your goals are our goals and we want to help you reach them. Honesty and confidence are of great importance for us.

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Banema, your paintbrush allies all over the world.