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Internal painting

Trend colors, paintings that repel stains or special finishes. We are able to achieve the most exquisite level for a work with style. We have any finishing
touch you may need:

  • Primers.
  • Water paint.
  • Anti-condensation paint.
  • Plastic paint.
  • Enamel with oil.
  • Synthetic paint.
  • Vinyl paint.
  • Antioxidant paint.
  • Anti-mold paint.
  • Flame retardant and intumescent paint.
  • Ecological paint.
  • Anti-insect paint.

External painting

Depending on the type of support of the facade, the finishing touch you want to achieve, the resistance or the budget, we can apply all these types of paint:

  • Matte plastic paint.
  • Water based acrylic paint.
  • Polysiloxane based acrylic paint.
  • Silicate paint.
  • Elastic paint.
  • Elastic paint for exteriors.
  • Elastic paint for facades.
  • Facade cladding with Pliolite.
  • Transparent Damp-proof.
  • Anti-graffiti paint.
  • Stone paint.
  • Exterior coating with silicone resin.


(The final touch)


We apply coatings on facades so they resist time, climate changes and any other external conditions that may affect them.

On stone facades with a high level of porosity, we apply a waterproof treatment to avoid humidity from getting to the interior.


Paper is an alternative to painting. We paper any interior support with wallpaper or murals. They allow a decorative finish and textures.


Floor coverings are recommended in environments with high levels of humidity or dirt, such as warehouses or kitchens. It is waterproof and covers the joints of the tiles turning the floor into a single large tile and preventing the accumulation of germs between one and the other. It withstands aggressive cleaning systems and is available in different colors and finishes (matte, glossy or satin).

Special Applications

(Protection Treatments)


We treat carpentry with special applications so it lasts longer as new.

  • Indoors: protection against liquids and humidity.
  • Outdoors: protection against weather effects.

Varnish for Wood

We work wood with lacquers, varnishes or special treatments against fire or against insects (we eliminate woodworm and protect the wood against possible pests).


Special applications to waterproof covers and protect them from water. We also protect from the sun, with reflective paint.

Against the fire:
Flame retardant treatment in wood or metal structures. Indicated for all types of properties that must or want to protect against fires.

Against the Fire

Flame retardant treatment in wood or metal structures. Indicated for all types of properties that must or want to protect against fires.

High decoration

We perform decorative treatments with artisanal and artistic techniques: Venetian stuccos, imitation of wood and marble, patinas and waxed, and sponge.

Applications over Metal

We treat metal surfaces to prevent rust from appearing. It allows finishes with different colors and textures.

Prefinished plaster walls

We set up prefinished plaster walls to divide spaces. This is an interesting alternative to the block building system because it cuts down on structure costs, construction costs and time. A prefinished plaster wall is a gypsum layer on top of galvanized aluminum framework.

For the outdoors there is a special layer made of cement. Similar to the indoor one, it shortens the construction timing, reduces the costs and improves the insulation. No maintenance treatment is required and it can be painted.

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