In various situations we find buildings that do not meet the construction standards that our clients tend to be looking for. In these cases we transform the existing structure, either totally or partially, to offer them the building experience they deserve.

This process can be carried out by manual and/or mechanical means.

We comply with the environmental requirements of the country where the project will be carried out

Once the buildings have been emptied, the heavy machinery initiates the demolition process from multiple points, gradually removing the debris with the assistance of trucks.

During the mechanical demolition process, debris is separated from other structural materials for
its subsequent recycling, shredding and/or specialized processing.

During this stage it is common for our company to coordinate closely with the relevant authori- ties, as countries often feature stringent environmental policy requirements.


Banema can produce structures of any type.

It is essential to work with highly experienced in-house teams who understand the project in depth in order to meet deadlines.

During this phase it is necessary to handle materials that are both heavy and bulky.

For this, we prioritize working with local suppliers whenever possible. We have a highly qualified. Logistics Department that allows us to source the materials we need, even when they are not available locally. This includes the capacity to import elements such as operating systems, ma chinery and tools that are leaders in Spain, but are not yet known in the country where the project is being carried out.

The department focuses mainly on achieving optimal performance in the execution
of the structures and ensuring compliance with the delivery dates our clients require.


At Banema, we boast extensive experience in partitioning, both masonry and prefabricated systems, among others.


It is a very dynamic material with both indoor and outdoor alternatives.

This is a very flexible stage, carried out in collaboration with the client and the interior designer. Here, it is possible to request a variety of decorative changes, such as partitions, recessed ligh- ting, built-in elements, crown molding, ceiling decorations and much more. 

We are highly adaptable, and our top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction and meet deadlines. To achieve this we have a highly experienced team, allowing us to meet the objectives set and rapid results in the partitioning phase.

We have thorough knowledge of prefabricated buildings, which constitute an alternative to these of traditional bricks and blocks.

This option allows us to slash costs, offer a wide variety of finishes, acce lerate the construction process, and significantly improve insulation, both acoustic and thermal.


This phase represents the finishing touch and culmination of our work, with a strong visual
component that is of vital importance, reflecting the quality of our work. It requires
dedication by experienced staff who pay close attention to detail and strive for
meticulous finishes.

We specialize in the application of various types of coatings that both owners and designers may need to bring their projects to life. Our expertise spans a wide range of materials, including wood, stone, ceramics, glass, vinyl, wallpaper and paint, among others

Interior painting

We can apply stylish colors, anti-stain paints, or special finishes, such as slate or magnetic paints, which provide very special touches at the decorative level. These options add a distinctive touch and allow us to achieve the highest level of elegance and style on each project.


We apply coatings to facades so that they withstand the passage of time, climatic changes, and any external factors that could damage them. On highly porous stone facades we apply a repellent treatment that waterproofs and prevents moisture from permeating them.


Recommended in environments with high levels of humidity or dirt, such as industrial warehouses or kitchens. It covers the joints between the tiles and is waterproof. Able to withstand aggressive cleaning systems and is available in a variety of colors and finishes, including matte, gloss or satin options.

Exterior painting.

We can apply all kinds of paint, depending on the type of façade, the finish one wants to achieve, its durability, and one’s budget.

Vinyl / Wallpaper.

An alternative to
painting. We wallpaper any interior walls, or place murals, allowing for decorative finishes, with textures and shapes.


We apply special treatments to wood, such as lacquers, varnishes and fire protection procedures, in order to perfectly preserve it. In indoor spaces our primary focus is on protection against liquids and moisture, while in outdoor environments we focus on defense against the elements.

This stage encompasses a large number of
applications, the following being of note: 

  • Metal protection treatments to prevent the appearance of rust, allowing for finishes in different colors and textures.
  • The waterproofing of roofing with reflective paints for protection against water and the sun.
  • Fire protection, or flame retardant, treatments of wooden or metal structures.


Do you require experts? Are you facing a tight deadline?
We provide peace of mind and support throughout the project.


We carry out projects anywhere in the world maintaining the same level of quality, processes and finishes.


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